Bereavement Support Group

Assisting the bereaved of our church family in whatever way possible.

Confirmation Classes

Children 12 years and younger are taught the cardinal doctrines in a way that they can understand.


A wide variety of sound literature, Bibles and Gospel Music  is available. 


Every member of our family is cared for as a family member.

Care To The Elderly

House cleaning and repairs; hundreds treated to Christmas meal; Christmas presents for all.

Christian Education Department

This department teaches the Word of God to people of all ages. The roll has been as high as 3600. 


Primary and pre-school teaching more than Maths and English. Computer Science, Music, Spanish, General and Health Science and interpersonal relationships, cricket, football, netball, track and field etc. (all assisted by professional coaches). A healthy and sound preparation for the common entrance examination.

Bible Correspondence Courses

over 250,000 courses in over 40 countries from Columbia to the U.S.A. to England, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Ghana, Nigeria to Durban, South Africa & the West Indies. Enrollment is possible at


A dynamic, loving and personalized counselling ministry is directed by the pastoral staff and professional personnel. Appointments are made through the office and are free of charge.


The People’s Cathedral is committed to the physical as well as the spiritual. A well-organized department sees the Church involved in many sports in Barbados. The Church teams have won many championships over the years.

Enquirers Class

Converts and Christians are taught how to defend their faith. Check out this class every Saturday at 5 P.M. Especially if you are looking for a good Church.


Crusades and ministry in over 60 islands of the West Indies and other countries of the world. Family Credit Union – Our credit union has provided hundreds of loans for all sorts of  needs.

Audio Ministry

Reaching millions everyday with the Gospel.

Rebuilding Broken Walls

Helping to repair the homes of the poor and elderly.

Community Services

Reaching out and meeting the needs of the poor, food baskets every month.

Visitation Ministry

To hospitals, children’s homes and cottage meetings.

Emergent Youth

 Our young people are serious and want to make an impact on their generation. They are dynamic and are on the cutting edge. Check them out every Friday night at 7 p.m.

24 Hour Life Line

Over 30 counsellors attend. 429-Life (429-5433) day and night year round