What is Dwell Conference?

David’s one desire was to DWELL… Not visit or vacation, but to live, inhabit, and consume the very presence of God.

God’s presence is our only trademark and distinction as believers and it is the desire of every worshipper to become acquainted with the presence of Almighty God.

For the first time, The People’s Cathedral will be hosting, Dwell Conference, a national worship conference in Barbados with a global vision in mind. Our theme for our inaugural year is, “Ascend The Hill”, based on Psalm 24.

Starting September 9th, it is our heart that the church and its priesthood would be empowered, enlightened, inspired, in our various sessions, albeit virtual and online.


Pricing and Registration

Workshop Packages:
– Full-Day (Single) – $50 US
– 1 Session (Single) – $10 US