7 Best Hotel Chatbot Use Cases for 2023

chatbot use cases

Such patient preferences can help the chatbot and in turn, the hospital staff personalize patient interactions. Through patient preferences, the hospital staff can engage their patients with empathy and build a rapport that will help in the long run. AI chatbots in the healthcare sector can be leveraged to collect, store, and maintain patient data. Multinational clothing brand H&M has also launched a bot on messaging app Kik that helps users shop the right products after asking a couple of questions. It even provides recruiters with information related to experience, recent activity, and other metrics of the candidates. It also administers assessments, offers updates on application progress, sends alerts to the candidates, and answers questions related to the company.

chatbot use cases

Bots can collect information, such as name, profession, contact details, and medical conditions to create full customer profiles. They can also learn with time the reoccurring symptoms, different preferences, and usual medication. And if the person wants to keep track of their weight, bots can help them record body weight each day to see improvements over time. It used a chatbot to address misunderstandings and concerns about the colonoscopy and encourage more patients to follow through with the procedure.

Boost your customer engagement with a WhatsApp chatbot!

Your team is experiencing a high volume of calls and service tickets early in the post-sales lifecycle. Placing a chatbot on your website can help students and parents who are looking for basic information about payments and registration. You can also direct inbound callers to that chatbot for faster service and to free up your phone lines. The past few years have seen pandemic-lead disruption and uncertainty become all too frequent. When you hear the word “chatbot”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

What is the market for chatbots?

The global chatbot market size was accounted at USD 0.84 billion in 2022 and it is expected to reach around USD 4.9 billion by 2032. What will be the CAGR of global chatbot market? The global chatbot market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 19.29% from 2023 to 2032.

For instance, about 34% of clients say they would feel comfortable using chatbots when shopping online, meaning chatbots are not what most customers want. By employing a chatbot, you can’t listen to what your customers are saying. This means you might not get feedback on problems that are getting worse or good ideas about ways to improve the sales experience. A rule-based bot can only understand the choices it has been programmed to understand. Rule-based chatbots are easier to make because they use a simple “true or false” algorithm to understand what users are asking and give the right answers. Another benefit is that chatbots can always offer attention to users no matter the time or day.

#4. Chatbot Use Cases for Social Media

Anonymous visitors to your website have all come from different sources, but they have one thing in common; they’re interested in your business and its products or services. Chatbots can help guide prospective customers to find the information or products they’re looking for more easily. Today, chatbots are used in a wide variety of industries and for diverse purposes.

chatbot use cases

And by personalizing your messages, you can increase conversion rates and improve the customer experience. You can also inform customers about upcoming events like Q&As or webinars through chatbots. Use AI chatbots as a first-line defense for as many incoming queries as possible. These virtual assistants can quickly update customers on flight information like boarding times and gate numbers.

How Would You like to build Your chatbot?

Your retail business may operate internationally or in a large city where people speak multiple languages. Your chatbot gives you the chance to offer support in multiple languages without having to search for customer services representatives in your area. A third of customers in the U.S. plan on online ordering and in-store pickup following the pandemic. Chatbots are a key component of this omnichannel customer engagement. Your chatbot can help customers find products, ask questions about in-store inventory, schedule pickup, and notify team personnel when they have arrived to pick up their order. Although chatbots are being widely used to enhance customer service and client relationship management, they are also great for marketing.


In other words, it means greater accessibility to your feedback process. Imagine, a furious user who just wants to tell you everything that they think of you (well, it happens to every brand), just let them speak to your chatbot. One more way to ease this process is by asking for feedback via a chatbot. In fact, 36% of customers are willing to share their customer service experience, so give them an opportunity to do so with a chatbot.

Best Hotel Chatbot Use Cases for 2023

As you can see in the image above, the food delivery platform has a chatbot in place that helps its customer cancel the order. Context-enabled chatbots can send visitors to the right product pages as well. After understanding what the visitor came looking for, your chatbot can share links to the right product pages to reduce visitor efforts. As you can see, Zalando’s chatbot informs the customer about their order being shipped. It even allows tracking the shipment in real-time and provides access to complete order details like payment history and products purchased.

  • Live chat widget and apps, unlimited chats with history, automations and saved replies, realtime visitor list and ratings.
  • We possess a deep understanding of the frameworks, SDKs, and other technologies that are needed in the chatbot development process.
  • When you hear the word “chatbot”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
  • Chatbots in healthcare are not bound by patient volumes and can attend to multiple patients simultaneously without compromising efficiency or interaction quality.
  • The bot allows users to submit questions and lets them access the company’s repository of knowledge.
  • Consumers want immediate response and the vast majority of the time, their queries can be answered by a chatbot based on conversational AI.

Or, for example, if they have been mugged or lost their stuff, you can help them contact the local police. Over the past year, Decathlon UK temporarily closed its physical locations to comply with government metadialog.com regulations during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. As a result, its eCommerce operations experienced unprecedented growth as people purchased equipment and products to build home gyms.

Provide omnichannel experience

This is especially useful for businesses that operate in multiple time zones. Chatbots can help ensure customer queries are answered even when humans are unavailable. The use of chatbots means you can be active in more places, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn — the sites where your customers are. They can also help generate leads and sales by helping customers find the right products. And AI chatbots can also boost upselling and cross-selling success through personalized recommendations to online customers. Add an AI-powered chatbot with machine learning capabilities to your service provision.

  • Usually, real estate agents need to answer those questions and lead the client throughout the whole journey.
  • To learn more about how an Army of Bots can transform customer engagement while lowering the cost of delivery, download a copy of our Bot eBook.
  • The world of finance is a very suitable environment for the use of chatbots.
  • You can signup here and start delighting your customers right away.
  • This can guide customers with troubleshooting and also direct them to instructional media like video tutorials or the self-service knowledge base on your website.
  • Customers benefit from an immediate response to simple problems from the bot, while also receiving the necessary care and time from agents for more complex issues.

Education chatbot use cases extend beyond just course finding and answering FAQs, the chatbot for education actually listens, supporting and guiding students on their educational journey. Nonetheless, it is obvious that chatbots have already become a common thing in various industries thanks to their usefulness and the number of benefits they bring. The best way to show the capacities of modern AI-based chatbots is to introduce you to standalone human-alike bots. The number of features and functions they provide and the overall advantage of their use can be seen with the naked eye. In fact, we have already discussed the role of chatbot integrations in Logistics and the benefits they bring.

Bots help to place online orders

However, the developers warn, that the bot was created not to make it impossible to reach a real human agent, so it also provides the “connect with the real person” feature. Chatbots can enable around-the-clock support with unlimited capacity, and we shouldn’t overlook the fact that chatbots also handle these interactions with an immediate response. For customers with simple problems, this means an immediate resolution with zero wait time. And because chatbots can handle these simple queries, customers with more complex questions will also see reduced wait times for agents. Here’s where your chatbots deployed on messaging platforms can start getting involved. With people spending more time on messaging platforms than on social media these days, it’s clear that they’d prefer to see your offers as instant messages.

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Google intros generative AI consulting services and updates.

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So, one way to provide a better experience and relieve the impact of budget constraints is – you guessed it – chatbots. They can help ease government phone lines and keep them available for the most serious cases. Chatbots are a good way to help telecom companies deal with high volume of customer issues, triage customer needs, and provide support around the clock. They can use surveys or communicate with customers to register complaints or wishes, thus helping capture the voice of the customer. Pick the chatbot that has the right functionality for your business needs.

Where can chatbots be deployed?

When creating a chatbot, you design the logic of a chatbot. To then bring it to life so your users can interact with it, you must deploy it on one of the media, which include Web pages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Twilio phone numbers.

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