9 Jobs You Can Do With a Computer Science Degree

However, it is easy to mistake data scientists for data analysts, as their roles bear similarities. Additionally, the increased volume of data collected and analyzed by organizations worldwide means the need for cybersecurity developers will continue to How to Become a Cybersecurity Engineer in 2022? rise. Therefore, these professionals must always think ahead, developing strong defensive mechanisms that forestall attacks and prevent data breaches. A cybersecurity analyst works to prevent unauthorized access to data and computer network systems.

Should I study computer science?

Opens the Door to High-Paying Careers. Computer science graduates earn some of the highest starting salaries of any major. If pay is important to you, a computer science major should rank toward the top of your list.

Below are just a few of the most popular computer science jobs on the market. One of the most popular career choices for computer science graduates is software engineering and other high-demand technical specialties like cloud computing. From software development to cybersecurity, the computer science field is full of exciting, diverse, and high-growth careers.

Start Building Your Career in Computer Science

It’s key for somebody in this field to be capable of understanding all sides of a problem–to analyze and edit things like a machine. The job of an information security analyst is to protect an organization’s computer network from external and internal attacks. To succeed in this role, you must be prepared not only to implement a range of different cybersecurity practices, but to continually educate yourself on the ever-evolving tactics of hackers and cyber criminals. In this career guide, we explore the top 12 computer science jobs (in no particular order) in addition to requirements needed for a successful career. Plus, we’ve compiled a list of well-known companies looking for skilled computer science professionals that could become your next employer.

Note that coding bootcamps typically do not participate in the accreditation process. Most https://traderoom.info/sql-server-developer-job-description-july-2023/ require at least a bachelor’s degree, though certain roles — like computer research scientist — require graduate degrees. Candidates with computer science degrees can also demonstrate specialty skills through professional certifications. Computer programmers often have bachelor’s degrees in computer science, but some instead have specialized experience in programming and coding through certificate programs or bootcamps. Computer science skills can take your career in just about any direction, from cybersecurity to data science.

Top Remote Jobs for College Students

Before products make it out into the real world, inventors apply for patents to ensure competitors can’t copy their product for a set period of time. IP technology specialists serve as subject matter experts at law firms in areas like biotech or electrical and computer technologies and work with patent lawyers to write patent applications for their clients. Like in software engineering, there’s front-end work to be done on the actual interface of a web page and back-end work like making sure the site can handle the amount of traffic it gets. Strong communication skills are a must-have given the frequent interactions with users. And a CS background can give you a foundation for understanding what product improvements are feasible. While a graduate degree isn’t mandatory, it’s not uncommon to get a master’s in human-computer interaction, communications, or similar, given the emphasis on research.

computer science careers

Entry-level positions may require particular certifications or a few years of experience. Mid-level and senior/executive positions will require more years of experience (at least 10+ years in some cases) and often a master’s degree or Ph.D. “What specific part about computers or technology excites me?” and “What are my career goals?” The answers to these two questions will help determine one’s ideal computer career path. When the data science field was newer, some companies would hire people right out of undergrad, but that is increasingly rare now.

Information security analyst

A BA generally allows more electives outside the department and often includes a foreign language requirement, while a BS usually includes more major-related credits and specialization options. Prospective students weighing computer engineering vs. computer science degrees will generally find that computer engineering programs only offer a BS or a bachelor of engineering option. You need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science to get into this career.

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