family tips for dealing with covid 19



I know that for some, future employment is uncertain. Let us continue to trust that God will see us through. And as we wait, let’s also do some practical things to help us get ready. 

What do you have in your hands? 

Many have skills that are hardly used because of the busyness of the job. It’s time to sharpen and experiment with those skills, baking, sewing, cooking, braiding, etc. There are of course great free online resources to help.

What do you have in your house?

I am amazed at the number of people I know who have a host of un-used items at home, from clothing to small appliances, that can be sold for some income. There are still those who would buy the used books some of us have around the house. 

 Some general tips: 

• Some of you need to catch up on some rest. This is a great time to do so.

• Keep routines where possible. For example, keep your morning routines if you are working from home. View services online at the time you would normally be in church.

• If you were learning an instrument and you have one at home, keep playing. If you’re in the choir, keep singing and learning new songs.

Catch up on work or obligations that you’re behind on so the when we enter our “new normal” season (post-Covid) we are not so stressed.

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