Our History


The humble beginnings of People’s Cathedral started when Pastor Holmes and Rosie experienced the Pentecostal movement for the first time back in 1960.  They enjoyed it so much that they invited the missionary to hold meetings in their home.  Unknown to Holmes and Rosie, Rev. Eggleton (the PAOC missionary to Barbados in that time) was praying ‘for years’ that God would raise up a strong local Pentecostal church. They learnt afterwards from the  Eggletons  that when Holmes had walked through the door at the first house meeting, the Spirit of God witnessed to them that this was the man He had raised up to do the work for Him; although Pastor Holmes and Rosie were not yet saved. This encounter paved the foundation for a series of events for which Holmes and Rosie were about to embark on.

In 1961 Pastor Holmes received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at Queen’s Park Steel Shed where evangelist Paul Olson was having meetings; and it was there that God gave the vision to Pastor Holmes showing him the masses of people he had called him to minister.

That was the turning point for Pastor Holmes and Rosie.  Having fully committed their lives to Christ they pursued the call of God upon their lives and continued with the house meetings. In 1963 Pastor Holmes resigned his job and dedicated his life to full-time ministry. The meetings moved to the city where Pastor Holmes had rented the Christian Mission Church in Tudor Street, downtown, Bridgetown. He renamed it the Evangelist Centre and the assembly remained there until the construction and completion of the new church between 1964 and 1965 on Bishop’s Court Hill.


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