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Jamal Medas is a Youth minister and from a young age, Godly principles were instilled in his life.  Jamal realized the call to ministry at a young age causing him to accept Jesus at age eleven.  Water baptism and baptism of the Holy Spirit immediately followed after.  The lord carefully ordered Jamal’s steps. At age 20 Jamal received his diploma in Theology from the West Indies School of Theology Barbados campus in 2013.  Two years later he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry from Bethel Life School of Biblical Studies in Austin Quebec Canada.

At present, Jamal is currently pursuing his Masters in Theology at the same campus.  The lord used this young man to preach in Barbados at over 35 churches streaming from Pentecostal to Methodist.  The lord has also expanded Jamal’s territory as he preached in Guyana, St.Vincent, Canada, and England. On March 6th, 2016, Jamal was installed as a pastor at the People’s Cathedral and above his many accomplishments, Jamal just has a love for the things of God.